Since 1989, Excel Displays & Packaging has been designing and producing award winning temporary point-of-purchase displays, high-graphic retail packaging, in-store signage, and industrial packaging. Excel continues to be an industry leader by combining shopper marketing and retailer expertise with innovative and industry pace-setting manufacturing capabilities.



Introducing, our latest addition, the new HP Scitex 15500 Digital Corrugated Press. Designed for ultra-efficient corrugated production, the HP Scitex 15500 is the ideal digital platform for our business and our production of corrugated applications. We're proud to say that we are the first in North America to take advantage of this type of technology.


Unique and Effective Solutions

From simple shelf displays to intricate packages that showcase your unique product, our design experts will work with you to create a custom solution sure to impress.


Introducing X CARD™

X Card™ is our revolutionary Carded Blister Packaging solution that is transforming the industry. It works just like most current heat seal trapped blister packs, but eliminates the heat and dwell time by using a patented glue that simply requires pressure to seal - resulting in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to heat seal.





With your existing equipment, production time with the X Card™ is at least 2x faster than traditional heat seal methods, allowing increased speed-to-market. Unlike many packaging providers, Excel understands the demanding nature of retail. We can have new orders completed in as few as 2 weeks, and repeat orders in days.



Faster throughput translates to lower labor and energy costs. If you adopt our Excelerator sealing equipment, we can also eliminate your tooling costs. From a total-cost perspective, we’ve shown 20-40% per unit savings!



We use materials that are 100% post-consumer recyclable (in most municipalities) and all paper products are SFI certified – the standard in responsible forestry. Quicker production and no heat use results in reduced energy consumption. A great alternative to clamshell packaging, X Card™ allows significant reduction in plastic materials in production. Finally, because our blisters do not adhere to the card, they emerge “clean,” free from paper and glue residue that inhibits recyclability.



Since it can utilize current heat sealers, the X Card™ cohesive blister packaging system is easily adaptable for products of most shapes and sizes.


High Quality Packaging

The X Card™ visibly showcases your product, provides security from theft and tampering, and allows for a large billboard to display your message to the customer. And unlike some other “cold seal” technology, we’ve perfected our methodologies to ensure no product fails in the field from inconsistent sealing methods (such as hand labor).



We use non-hazardous, water-based adhesives that we’re able to pattern-coat so the glue will never touch your product. Plus, the packaging will be easier and safer for consumers to open than RF-sealed clamshells.

We invent packaging. That Excelerates.


Expert Design. Innovative Manufacturing.

At Excel, we’re a full-service provider that not only designs and manufactures your order in house, but also makes nearly all of the materials needed to produce it. From the moment you call us with an idea to the moment your product is on display, we’re there every step of the way.



Who we are

We are more than an independently owned, state-of-the-art provider of corrugated packaging and POP displays. Our uniqueness comes from our significant investment in equipment, people and technology that allows us to provide world-class packaging and displays from a single source.

How we do it

Your project begins with our design team, comprised of talented designers who thoroughly understand ever-changing consumer and shopper marketing trends. This team works closely with you to ensure your product is displayed as effectively as possible.

To produce world-class products, you start with quality controlled materials which we produce at our SFI Certified South Bend, Indiana corrugating operation. Our state-of-the-art Aurora, Illinois converting facility houses the most advanced and efficient converting, printing, labeling and finishing equipment available.

You are also getting a partner that is on the leading edge of material development, such as our proprietary "S-Flute" - an innovation that gives you the strength and stability of double wall in a single wall material. Or our innovative and patented X CARD™, the carded blister packaging solution that is taking the retail world by storm.

Ownership in corrugators, modern converting and finishing equipment, and a laser-like focus on customer service adds up to Excel being a leader in speed to market for both designs as well as the actual end products. Finally, to instill confidence for uninterrupted service, Excel is a member of the Five Star Group, a partnership of five similar facilities throughout the Midwest.

Excel's commitment to being a truly value-added supplier has resulted in us being selected to design and produce displays, graphic retail packaging and industrial packaging for many of the nation's leading brands and products.

We are fast.

Client Challenge:

"I have been given a promotional opportunity at the retail level but I have to be on the floor in 5 weeks."

Excel Solution:
Stop playing the waiting game

With fewer hands touching your order, you’ll receive a product created by quality-controlled materials at a much quicker pace.

We are experienced.

Client Challenge:

"I need a design that allows me to use the same components to make multiple display configurations."

Excel Solution:
Design experts at your service

With a thorough understanding of ever-changing consumer and shopper marketing trends, you can be sure our expert team will design a winning solution.

We are precise.

Client Challenge:

"I need all of the “blue” pieces to be the same shade of blue, not three different shades."

Excel Solution:
Pick a shade, any shade

Precision in-house color-matching technology supports our ability for consistent and reliable color matching.

We are equipped.

Client Challenge:

"I need a manufacturer with a wide range of capabilities so I’m not limited to one technology."

Excel Solution:
The right machine for the job

Our facility houses a wide array of the most advanced and efficient converting, printing, labeling and finishing equipment available to get your unique product on the floor quickly.

We are smart.

Client Challenge:

"I’ve been challenged to reduce my freight costs by 50% but I can’t sacrifice any selling space on the display."

Excel Solution:
Smart ownership of the process

Our invaluable assets allow us to pass along savings in time and money. This includes producing over two billion square feet of paper each year, operating our own fleet of trucks and owning nearly every type of converting equipment in the industry.

We are flexible.

Client Challenge:

"My retailer is rejecting my program because the display does not meet their specifications."

Excel Solution:
Flexibility for all of your business demands

Our state-of-the-art plant allows for large or short orders in virtually any shape or size, limited only by the imagination.

We are sustainable.

Client Challenge:

"I know being “green” is the right thing to do. I need a partner that does it but can still drive my creativity up while also providing me with the best economic value."

Excel Solution:
Sustainable solutions

Not only are our paper products SFI certified, but our innovative energy-saving techniques and in-floor scrap recycling system keep us a step ahead.


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